In early December 2017, we announced and welcomed our new product partners – ScientificFly – into the Tackle Safari family. ScientificFly are the largest distributor of flies in South Africa and are proud owners of SciFlies, Grip Hooks, Grip Components and Grip Tying Materials. They have grown to supply quality products worldwide and now have a presence here in Australia.

Their products are developed with a huge amount of passion and many years of fishing, guiding, product research and development experience. ScientificFly’s hooks, components and materials are manufactured using the highest quality raw fly tying materials with extreme precision in the hands of very experienced fly tiers.

The result is a consistent, high quality range of flies for both saltwater and freshwater with fantastic colour coded packaging, informative labels and unique barcodes ready for retail outlets (currently also sold directly on our website at RRP).

Tackle Safari will continue to expand the range including fly tying materials and components as we grow in line with our valued and enthusiastic consumer base.

As ScientificFly state themselves:

To us it is not only important to have a good quality product, it is equally important that our products are presentable to the eye of the consumer, easily identifiable, informative and affordable..

We’re delighted to have them onboard and sales have already started ticking over with our highest selling product in December/early January 2018 being the Crazy Charlie Surf Packs. Tackle Safari will aim to continue expanding the range as demand grows. Currently we stock a range of flies targeting saltwater species, some freshwater species (Bass, Trout) and will shortly be adding more. Stay tuned.

If you have any questions regarding ScientificFly or are a retailer looking to stock quality hand-tied flies with outstanding packaging for your shop, please do not hesitate to contact us.