Introducing The Tackle Safari Blog

Welcome to the new Tackle Safari website and our new Blog called “The Backcast”. We’re happy you dropped by!

It has been an amazing journey so far and the Xplorer Fly Fishing products have really made their positive mark on the fly fishing scene here in Australia. (we knew the products would).. The fly fishing resurgence in this amazing country, especially with regards to saltwater fly fishing, is well and truly on the rise. We are seeing more and more of the younger fishing demographic taking on the magic wand, and older folk too who are seeking a new challenge with their fishing past-time, and lets face it,  fly fishing certainly fills that urge so very well! So much to learn but easy to start.

By far the most enjoyment I have had so far with getting Tackle Safari off the ground and introducing the Xplorer fly range to Australia, has been the people I have met along the way, including our loyal customers who keep coming back to purchase more gear (and love to have a chat with me over the phone), the Tackle Safari Pro Team who are consistently punishing and pushing the Xplorer Fly Fishing gear to outstanding limits and finally, the friends I have made in the industry itself who are brand ambassadors, fly casting instructors, fly tyers, retail owners and fly fishing guides.  One thing is for certain. The fly fishing scene in Australia is alive, healthy and thriving!!

We’ve got some cool things planned this year including some new products we will be introducing, a memorable adventure for which 6 seats will be available (3 are already pre-sold!), our own T-Shirt range for which the designs are well underway and I am sure more exciting product offerings from the lads at Xplorer. The much requested Xplorer Float tubes are just around the corner, thank you to those who have expressed an interest. Your patience will be rewarded!!

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We’ll be posting every so often on our new blog – stories from our Pro Team, tips, tricks, articles, videos, special offers and more. Be sure to keep checking back in. I will also be posting up my own personal views about what it has been like to start a fishing business in Australia from the ground up, our speed bumps, joy, small wins and share with you my own personal journey in getting Tackle Safari this far.

Enjoy the new website. Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions or wish to learn more about who we are and what we do! If you are keen to read any reviews about the Xplorer Fly Rods, read them here!

Tight lines.

Jonty Rumbold
Founder | Student of fly fishing | Adventure Seeker

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