Customer Review The Xplorer T50 Fly Rod

“I’m attaching a few photos of fish I caught with the T50 Xplorer Fly Rod #5wt. which will give you an idea of the fun I had.

In short the comment that was passed when I handed the T50 Xplorer Fly Rod to one of my mates was “what a weapon!”.  I went for a week’s fishing armed with a number of rods ranging from my Sage #3wt through to my Loop Cross S-1, rods that I love. I used the Xplorer T50 90% of the time I fished. You’ll see from the pics that it accounted for quite a number of big Euc browns throwing heavy nymph rigs on 12-15ft leaders to get down to the fish on the bottom.

Once we’d had our fill (and needed some space away from the hordes) we fished some skinny water with light dry/dropper rigs – awesome!! I found that at the end of each session, and in fact at the end of the weeks trip I had spent all my time concentrating on fly selection, approach and delivery and no time/frustration concentrating on my casting. I can cast pretty well but this rod made it second nature. In short it was my go-to rod for the week where I would normally have used all my other rods.

My colleagues were also highly impressed when they tried it, I think you’ll be a few rods lighter come next season”.

Robin Woodroof, 10 July 2014

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