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Xplorer T50 Fly Rod


T50 No Fuss Lifetime Warranty

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Our flagship premium fly rods, the Xplorer T50 Fly Rod. Easily the best rod in its class with best quality  fittings and of course our NO FUSS LIFETIME WARRANTY.

The Xplorer T50 Fly Rod has been designed and built from the highest quality materials available on the market. ALPS guides, Alps reel seats and Japanese hi-modulus carbon fibre, perfectly blended to create a strong and light weight rod. It has a powerful fast action blank that still has a responsive and life-like feel.

Xplorer T50 Fly Rod Features:

  • Premium Japanese high modulus carbon blanks.
  • Ultra fast tip action, 4 piece rods.
  • Classic dark brown finished blank with gold thread wraps.
  • Premium 3A grade cork grips.
  • ALPS Stripper guides with ALPS Snake guides on saltwater models and ALPS light wire foot guides on the freshwater models. NOTE: We still carry models of the T50 that have recoil guides. Please ask if you wish to have ALPS or Recoil guides with your T50 setup.
  • Alps Triangle anodized aluminium reel seats on saltwater models and CNC machined up-locking fittings with natural burl inserts in the freshwater models.
  • Cloth Rod Sock with brown carbon rod tube with aluminium end caps (old stock only), new models have a cordura rod tube with ABS end caps.
  • No Fuss Lifetime Warranty.

Read the review in Fly Fisher Magazine here.

ModelCork GripLine WeightLengthSectionsRod Weight
T50 794.2WTA2wt7'9"470gm
T50 904.5WTA5wt9'0"486gm
T50 904.6WTA6wt9'0"486gm
T50 904.9WTB9wt9'0"4137gm

Additional information

Weight 1.165 kg
Dimensions 800 × 65 × 65 mm
T-50 Fly Rod Weights

794-2wt, 904-5wt, 904-6wt, 904-7wt, 904-9wt

3 reviews for Xplorer T50 Fly Rod

  1. Robin Woodroof

    In short the comment that was passed when I handed the rod to one of my mates was “what a weapon!”. I found that at the end of each session, and in fact at the end of the weeks trip I had spent all my time concentrating on fly selection, approach and delivery and no time/frustration concentrating on my casting. I can cast pretty well but this rod made it second nature. In short it was my go-to rod for the week where I would normally have used all my other rods.

  2. Nicholas Moore

    The first thing I noticed, even before getting it out its tube, is that the tube itself is covered in an excellent black Neoprene Sock that covers and protects the rod tube.

    The carbon fibre rod tube looks super impressive in a light brown/copper Carbon finish with two copper coloured end caps. The detail in the rod tube itself is impressive.

    The rod blank (904.9wt) is coloured much the same as the rode tube and has great little ferrule alignment marks. I love the fact that it sports a full set of Recoil Guides, and a great looking triangular Alps rod seat, with great reel fasteners that lock the reel snugly in place. Great components.

    I found the rod to be light in hand and it has great dampening after a solid shake.

    I matched this rod to an Xplorer XPS-S Bonefish reel which once spooled, is perfectly balanced with the T-50. The rod also matches well to the Shilton SL6 which is a very similar reel. I am currently using a Rio General Saltwater Sink Tip 9wt line and this casts beautifully with this rod. I feel that you could easily cast a 10wt line over this rod especially if you like the feeling of a loaded rod. I plan on testing this out in the next few trips.

    The first cast with this rod you will notice how fast its action is. I find I am able to get line out with minimal effort. Once you have the body of your line out you will notice the rod start to load really nicely and once you get your timing right with it, you are able to shoot lines extremely well.

    I fished this rod solidly for two weeks in the Maldives losing count on the number of Bluefin Trevally and even managed a couple of Tuna on the flats. The rod has a powerful butt section which you can really lay some hurt into larger predators and tested this out on one or two red bass, despite almost getting reefed twice. Its shooting ability certainly helps with the wind.

    I found the hardest thing was adjusting my timing which took a bit of getting used to, but once I waxed that, I did not want to put it down.

    The only negative I have is, like all recoils, they can be noisy during a cast. I feel that the positives gained from recoils totally outweigh the noise factor anyways, so no Biggie. Overall, Love this outfit and I am pretty sure it will get a good work out coming into summer. This thing is dynamite and if you looking for an epic rod, definitely give one of these a go. You need to feel it.

  3. Anthony Nee

    I’d just like to thank tackle safari again.

    I was lucky enough to win a new T50 904-5wt rod and 5-7 wt Xplorer Guide 3 reel last comp. I loaded my reel with some of their WF floating line.

    I have given it a work out down in Tassie and the Snowies along with the usual spots in the central west of NSW. Awesome gear I am really impressed with how it handled everything I’ve thrown at it!

    I’ve landed heaps of fish and dropped a few monsters. It casts well and it’s light enough to be slinging bugs all day without getting fatigued. It packs down into a quality tube and is a great size to have tucked in your backpack when hiking in the rough country. When I opened my much awaited parcel It was love at first sight!

    I wouldn’t go anywhere with out it now.

    Thanks again Jonty great gear!

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