• Australia fly fishing festival posters 5 Reasons Why You Should Attend The Australia Fly Fishing Festival 2018

    A few months ago, good friend Juan Luis Del Carmen called me about an idea to reinvigorate fly fishing in Australia. The idea was to start (even if a small start) a fly fishing get together or festival here in Sydney to bring together like-minded folk in the fly fishing scene and those keen to learn more, expand or share their knowledge. The first event will be held on the 24th Feb at the Rowers Club on the Nepean River with activities starting at 9am. We think it’s a great idea and here’s 5 reasons why you should think about attending if you are in the area: I, for one, […]

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  • ScientificFlys Toothy Whistler Welcome Scientific Fly

    In early December 2017, we announced and welcomed our new product partners - ScientificFly - into the Tackle Safari family. ScientificFly are the largest distributor of flies in South Africa and are proud owners of SciFlies, Grip Hooks, Grip Components and Grip Tying Materials. They have grown to supply quality products worldwide and now have a presence here in Australia. Their products are developed with a huge amount of passion and many years of fishing, guiding, product research and development experience. ScientificFly's hooks, components and materials are manufactured using the highest quality raw fly tying materials with extreme precision in the hands of very experienced fly tiers. The result is […] Continue Reading
  • heating needle to make emerger style hook The 2017 Tackle Safari Fly Tying Competition Winners

    The Tackle Safari 2017 Fly Tying Comp has come to an end and we're super excited to announce this years winners. The comp this year received entries from Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and the United States. It always amazes me to see the quality and effort put in by the entrants and this year was no different. A special thanks go out to our sponsors - Xplorer Fly Fishing, SciFlies, YETI and Spotters. We're grateful for the contributions these brands have made towards the prizes this year and are super excited to be shipping these fly fishing treats out to all the winners. And to our judges (both whom […] Continue Reading
  • fly fishing flies xplorer The 2017 Tackle Safari Fly Tying Comp

    This year we're excited to announce a few extra sponsors to the Comp and would personally like to welcome Spotters, Xplorer Fly Fishing, YETI and our new product partners, Scientific Fly! Thank you for your contributions towards this fun initiative that always sparks great interest and creativity from the fly fishing community (or those who simply want to pull some fluff together). If you have not yet entered your fly, it's still not too late to get your tied fluff into us! Simply head on over to the Tackle Safari 2017 Fly Tying Competition page to read all about the prizes on offer this year, fly tying categories for both […] Continue Reading
  • Tackle Safari Founder fly fishing the Zambezi river Introducing The Tackle Safari Blog

    Welcome to the new Tackle Safari website and our new Blog called "The Backcast". We're happy you dropped by! It has been an amazing journey so far and the Xplorer Fly Fishing products have really made their positive mark on the fly fishing scene here in Australia. (we knew the products would).. The fly fishing resurgence in this amazing country, especially with regards to saltwater fly fishing, is well and truly on the rise. We are seeing more and more of the younger fishing demographic taking on the magic wand, and older folk too who are seeking a new challenge with their fishing past-time, and lets face it,  fly fishing certainly fills […] Continue Reading